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Pure dark organic cococa mass 100%

Cuncho beans from the Urubamba valley, Peru

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2020 : Silver Award

Content: 60 g


Ingredients: cocoa beans*

* certified organic

Cocoa origin: This fine flavor cocoa is an absolute rarity. It grows in the mountains of the Urubamba valley in the Quillabamba area. There are many over 100 year old trees in that area. According to experts this cocoa might be the forefather of many cocoa varieties. It has a huge range of flavors and aromas.

The company Asocasel ferments and dries the beans of local farmers. The quality and export of this bean is overseen by the company Original Beans.

Tasting notes: Strong fruit flavors, a nice acidity and low bitterness

Nutrition facts per 100 g: Energy (kj/kcal) 2497/597, Fat 53 g, Sat. fat 26 g, Carbohydrates 22 g, Sugars 1 g, Proteins 11g, Fiber 10 g, Salt 0.02 g

Ingredients: Cocoa beans*, Raw cane sugar*, Cashew nuts* (13,5%), Hazelnuts* (13%), Cocoa butter*, Salt 

* certified organic

Cocoa min 62%

Cocoa origin: Mexico, Sierra Madre del Chiapas. The company Original Beans discovered this ancient cocoa in the South of Mexico. In collaboration with the indigenous tribe of the Zoque they have established a plantation and fermentation facilities.

Tasting notes: intensely nutty, roasting flavors, spices.

Nutrition facts per 100 g: Energy (kj/kcal) 2371/572, fat 44 g, sat. fat 19 g, carbohydrates 36 g, sugars 24 g, proteins 12 g, fiber 9 g, salt 0.1 g

100% ecologic packaging, free from plastic and chemicals. Risograph screen print with vegetable oil colors.